Candice FixRMT

I am currently studying at the Canadian College of Osteopathy. I’m heading into my 5th and final year this September. My practice is currently in a transition into osteopathy, and my massage practice is currently closed to existing patients only. Osteopathy is a natural medicine and science using precise hands-on techniques, and a deep understanding of anatomy and physiology. The objective is to restore tissue function and mobility so that the body can live and move freely with ease.  There is an inter relationship that occurs between all systems in the body; and from that place of stillness healing can occur naturally within. Osteopathy comes from the word “osteome,” which means the union of mind, body, spirit.

I also provide Contemporary Medical Acupuncture which I studied at McMaster University. It is a Western approach that deals specifically with the musculoskeletal and neurophysiology of the body to target joints, ligaments, muscles, bone and nerves. It is also beneficial in regulating hormones and easing stress in the mind/body. This method of acupuncture is commonly used amongst chiropractors and physiotherapist and compliments any treatment.